The Dorya Brothers' Apothecary

The Dorya Apothecary is a Maelstrom-sanctioned clinic, nestled within the Limsa Lominsan Upper Decks. We provide a smallscale lore-adhering roleplaying experience for healing the sick and wounded. If an ailment causes you suffering, we are naught but a jump away.

Due the direct state affiliation, customers are not needed to pay for procedures. On account of the admiral, this clinic is being kept alive through the city state. You are however invited to tip or donate to the staff.


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    The Venue

    Nestled near the marauders guild, this busy little clinic always has its hands full. Its doorbell rings for both people interested in the art of healing through arcanism, and for those smitten by fate, looking for succor. Whatever reason it may, we have a place for your unrestful soul.


    The Staff

    Koja'a Dorya:
    Mainly concerns himself with matters within the apothecary's walls.
    These being in-house cases, administration and the teaching of new recruits for their pharmacy. His demeanor might seem a bit standoffish and cold, but his heart is at the right place. He is the one you are most likely to meet!

    Koja'to Dorya:
    Due to his friendly and reserved personality, he takes care of outside relations and out-of-house visits. Maelstrom affairs are also within his work. He's the most likely to be out and about different venues and city states. His specialty is combat-healing.

    Adrian Rose:
    A scholar of long sharlayan descent. He learned his craft during his time in the Maelstrom and has now taken up the mantle of Doctor within the Dorya Brother's Apothecary. He is the secondary in-house doctor. His lively fairy Kinker is sure to make your visit more pleasant.

    Kharankhui Od:
    Although our assistant Kharan comes off as somewhat cold and shy on the surface, it tends to mask the enthusiastic and passionate curiosity for all things interesting and unknown that motivates his every move, manifesting in his infinite desire and aspiration to solve problems for both the benefit of those around him, and the general acquisition of information.

    Var Hallkel:
    A young man of Bozja, has ever had a knack for herbalism and the art of alchemy. He now uses his talents at our clinic. Don't worry if he comes off mean. He means but the best.

    Galdan Kahkol:
    A master crafter repaying a debt, acts as the secondary Alchemist. He might be overly smug, but he takes immense joy in leaving patients satisfied. Can be seen reading in his free time. Is almost always seen with a Namazu partner.

    Sakras Blackwood:
    Sister to Juniper, Sakras is one of our assistants and receptionists alike. She harbors a great interest in the works and is willing to show it. A trustworthy and instinctive person to the very bone.

    Juniper Vermilion:
    Sister to Sakras, Juniper is one of our sunny receptionists. She is able bodied and always trying to help those around her. Just sharing her presence will improve your state!

    Escher Foebreak:
    A blunt yet polite Au-Ra, raised in the Thanalan wastelands. Our security in case our rules aren't upheld. Usually he is quite nice, yet do not touch his Juniper if you want your life to last.

    Rules of the House

    1. No violence on the premises. We aim to cure wounds. Not create them. On that note, please stay your weapons.

    2. Please be aware that treatment is not restricted to adults, so please mind your manners.

    3. In this place of learning, there are no restrictions on questions. So please reach out to our staff for help through the /tell feature.

    4. If you are wounded, please turn on the "Looking to Meld" tag. This way our staff will see to your wounds immediately.

    5. If there is a wounded soul, please understand that their treatment takes priority over idle talk.

    Contact Us

    You can reach us on Discord or Twitter.

    Koja'to: Kolibreon#1410
    Juniper: Depressed Ghostii#1116
    Galdan: Luki#4897
    Kharankhui: Svartalfheimian#5009

    Koja'to's Twitter
    Adrian's Twitter
    Var's Twitter